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Quality Plants-Based Ingredients


High source soluble fibre.Feel full for longer with this power source for the morning.

Quinoa Flakes

Complete protein? From these little things? Uh, Yes

Chia Seeds

Chia means "strength" 40% fibre by weight.More omega-3 per gram than Salmon

Hemp Seeds

The king of highly digestible complete protein from plants. 36% protein by weight, comparable to beef and lamb. Great source of iron, zinc, omegas.

Freeze-Dried Fruits

Nutritionally, the best way of fruit preservation, equivalent to fresh fruit. Only the best for the best.

Beet Root Powder

A new superfood shown to improve athletic performance, Improve blood flow to the brain and lower blood pressure.

Matcha Powder

Highest natural source of antioxidants. Boost your metabolism with this powerhouse.

Strawberry Powder

Vitamin C Superstar. An ounce of this stuff gives you 250% of your Daily Value Vitamin C

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