About us

Who we are

Zoey and Yin. Two registered Dietitians from Montreal, leading a team to change the way Canadians consume whole grains. In 2016, we put our knowledge and expertise towards creating practical nutrition solutions to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We have one simple goal, and that is to make healthy eating fun, delicious, simple and enjoyable. We're passionate about yummy nutrition, and finding nutrition from a plant-based diet. Health matters.

What we do

With our team of chefs,dietitians and designers we create deliciously flavoured and nutritionally balanced oatmeals and super grain mixes. We showcase a variety of ancient grains through our products, and make it easy for consumers to include these in their diet. We've created the base of your meal for you, and packed it with nutrients - all you have to do is add your favourite fruits and nuts for breakfast, and your favourite fruits and nuts for breakfast, and your favourite veggies for supper.

why we do it

Well, for way too long the food industry has bombarded us with nutrient-low foods. It's taught us to rely on refined carbohydrates including sugars, refined flour, white breads, pastas and wite rice. But why are we stripping whole grains of their protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? As two dietitians, we want to drive the food industry away from the current heavily profit-driven products, towards health and sustainability driven consumer products. We tool a stance. Join us in choosing the right foods.

our standard

keep it healthy

We look at the nutrition profile behind each ingredient to create nutritionally balanced products with natural ingredients you can rely on.

Keep IT Easy

We did the work, so that you don't have to. Just add water and heat to our products- that's it. Life is tough, so we decided to make complex carbs easy.

Keep it validated

Dietitians go through 4 years of education because nutrition behind everything we do. Validated.


We're committed to bringing clean label products directly to your door. No artificial flavors or colors. No chemical jargon you can't read.


Yeah, we know the power of plants. So do you . WE bring out the best of plants through our products and recipes found on instagram. Build your plant-based lifestyle with our Dietitians.

keep it yummy

Who says healthy food doesn't taste good? We've made it our mission to turn this statement into a myth with our mouth-watering flavours. When healthy meets yummy, it comes delivered in a yumibox.